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If you will be getting a tax refund, but need a fast loan now, do you know that there are tax refund loans available? Most people simply choose direct deposit into their checking accounts. The IRS will send your tax refunds directly to your bank account, and there are no extra charges. However, this can take slightly longer and when you need to borrow money fast because you are unemployed, tax refund loans offer an alternative compared to payday loans.

In similar fashion, tax refund loans are secured using your upcoming IRS refunds, so you can get approved even with bad credit. After all, it is like getting an advance on your own money that is currently held by the IRS. Since you cannot get a payday advance when jobless, a tax refund loan can provide some financial assistance for the time being.

Surprised you can borrow money this way for the unemployed? Well you have to be creative and think beyond the box!

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Posted May 1st, 2012. Filed under Personal Loans

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